Digital Signage for Small & Medium Businesses

There is a common misconception that only big businesses and corporations need and can digital signage installations. Nowadays, this is far from the truth. With reduced cost of screens and affordable digital content management available, small and medium enterprises can easily reap the benefits, outrun their competitors, and even make money by utilising digital signage solutions.

For instance, even a spare TV screen, or tablet can be transformed into a digital sign, something that iSignage makes possible as it does not require any expensive hardware to run.

Here are some of the crucial advantages and revenue generating opportunities digital signage can provide to SMEs:

Inform the right way

OOH “out of home” advertising allows you to talk to the right people in the right place, and at the right time, making sure your message is heard. Since digital screens have a much higher customer engagement coefficient, potential clients are way more likely to pay attention and take advantage of your offerings compared to just reading your brochure, leaflet, or magazine.

Sell advertising space

A great and less used way to generate revenue from your digital media is to offer advertising space on your displays for sale. Since content on your digital screens can be customised, scheduled and run in sequence, there is a lot of room for playing advertisements of sponsors and variety of retailers either simultaneously or in turn. Make money out of that extended digital space you have available in an easy and profitable way.

Improved in-store experience

Inform, engage and delight. The screens on you wall present an invaluable opportunity to enhance the customer experience you provide in-store from entry to exit. Entertain and educate clients while they wait, navigate them and answer their questions before they knew they had them would make their experience with your much more pleasant, leading to an increased number of loyal returning customers. They will be more likely to refer you to friends too!

Cost effectiveness

Last but not least, going digital saves on your ongoing printing costs for marketing and promotional materials. Use the spare cash (and energy) to grow your business and invest in other activities that will bring you value and aid you progress towards achieving your long term business goals.


Imagination is the only limit to putting digital signage to work for you. It is not only more affordable than you can imagine, but it provides you with yet another means for increasing your revenue and developing your brand. The big advertising agencies and large corporations are no longer the only ones to enjoy the advantages of going digital – you can too.

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