Digital Signage for Retail

What can digital signage do for your business?

There are a number of ways in which having digital screens with efficiently managed content outside, inside or at store entrance would enhance your customers’ journey, increase your brand awareness, build your reputation and drive traffic inside your outlet.

A flexible attention-grabbing real time platform

Display and advertise products and promotions, change them in accordance with the time of day, season, or number of people in the store. Additionally, nobody will walk past your store without looking at the impressive digital setup you have there. Use this to your advantage and engage with onlookers on the spot by showing relevant content.

Interact with mobile devices

Digital signage screens have the capability to talk to the viewer’s phone, suggesting they do an action or receive a discount. If your business has a mobile app, customers who installed it can communicate with the displays in your store, check in on social platforms to take advantage of offers, post messages on your digital signage and even play games and win prizes.

Guided wayfinding

Use your digital displays as navigation tools and drive people to a specific aisle or help them find a relevant product category by showing them to where the products are located in your store. This is a great way to upsell underperforming items too! Also, if you have a touchscreen kiosk or freestanding digital totem, you can input a directory of your product ranges with which customers interact when looking up items of interest. 

Reduced cost in comparison to traditional printed media

No longer waste time and money on creating, changing and discarding paper posters or other traditional signage and promotional materials. Using digital displays in place of your old posters, banners and standalones provides an ever-responsive, instantly updatable advertising platform. Not to mention, it is better for the environment too.

Social media integration

Displaying your live social media feed on a digital poster encourages customers to interact with your brand over Twitter and Facebook – you can ask them to like your page and receive a coupon, or simply have them take their phone and tweet at you to see their message appear on the screen



No matter what your retail outlet sells, wisely utilised digital signage will significantly enhance your marketing efforts leading to more visitors, returning customers, improved client satisfaction and most importantly – increased revenue

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