Corporate communication

Digital Signage for Outdoor Venues

Effective internal communication, especially in larger offices can be a real challenge. Fortunately, the widely spread digital trend reaches and benefit the realm of corporate communication (un)surprisingly well.

Here is how utilising “screens on wall” can significantly benefit the organisation of your business’ operations and how your company communicates internally:

Effective company-wide communication

Digitally post announcements, reminders, event and conference notices that would be accessible to your entire staff body. Updates in HR policies, safety notices, staff discounts and bonuses, socials and team building initiatives can all be displayed on your company’s digital signage stations. Additionally, the content can be tailored to specific groups or departments so information is segregated in a relevant manner and it doesn’t deliver unnecessary spam to uninterested parties.

Increased employee engagement

One of the most important capabilities of having digital displays positioned in your office building is that it leads to significantly higher employee engagement, morale and participation in company-led activities. The visually stimulating messages end email clutter and ensure everybody sees them in a timely manner so employees feel involved and informed. The management may choose to display “employee of the month” awards, other recognition as well as motivational and entertaining content towards the end of the work day to keep employees positive and happy.

Employee training

Digital displays can also immensely aid in new staff training – be it regularly posting reminders about upcoming training sessions, or visually reiterating short-term and long-term goals on the digital boards so newly joined stay focused and on track.

Integration with social platforms or the internal communicator system can allow employees to ask clarifying questions and get answers on the digital screens for everyone else to see. This could be an invaluable resource to confused trainees.

Executive explaining business plans to his employees
Room scheduling

Nearly every organisation has faced the issue of room and conference halls booking confusion. To completely avoid double-booking, and organise last minute cancellations and even room booking slot swaps, use responsive digital displays with clear room schedule that can be managed by multiple users and are clearly visible to all interested to use a venue. This would make both management and employees’ lives easier and reduce stress around room booking confusion and availability.


Any organisation that manages over 20 employees, especially when their office premises stretch over several floors, would benefit dramatically from utilising digital signage to optimise internal communications. Apart from the direct advantages of an efficient responsive real-time platform for sharing important information, updates and notices, the indirect effect of increased employee engagement, morale and satisfaction is worth the initial investment.

A good digital signage and content management software can go a long way in enhancing your internal operations.

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