How It Works

Getting started with iSignage is a piece of cake. After you create an account and log in, three simple steps get you to where you want to go – the official premiere of your content on a digital screen.

Step 1 Create Playlist

Start with creating a new playlist and naming it, choose a layout and start uploading media files directly into your new playlist whilst adjusting the duration of each media file. Mix and match as many layouts as you need within the same playlist to maximise creativity.

isignage digital signage content management -software how to create playlist

Step 2 Assign to Station

Go to from the browser on your chosen station and then enter the 4-digit PIN number you see there in iSignage. Then click on the playlist name that you just created, go to “Assign section” and send it to all or any station you want! It is that easy.

isignage digital signage content management software

Step 3 Organise Media Library

Browse your desktop and upload any media files you want to use to your library, which is safely stored on our servers. Supported formats include all the popular picture and video file formats such as jpeg, png, jpg, img, mp4, avi. 

isignage digital signage content management software playlist creation

How do I connect a display to the internet?

In order to authorise a display and connect it to the iSignage platform, your display will need to run Google Chrome browser. There are a couple of ways to connect a display to the internet and get Chrome running.

mini PC
Mini PC

For professionals who require a more powerful solution mini PCs are perfect! Mini PCs are the “biggest” small computers but they are the most powerful and pack the functionality of a normal desktop computer into a very small form factor.

We recommend:

sb pc in hand 2
Single Board PC

For the DIY enthusiasts single-board computers (SBC) provide the freedom to custom build your configuration on a single circuit board. With the size of a credit card SBC are considerably smaller than Mini PC, but more flexible in terms of upgrading individual modules.

We recommend:

pc stick in hand 2
Stick PC

For beginners and non-techies, Stick PC are the ideal option to set things fast and hassle-free. These ultra-mini computers are slightly larger than a USB memory stick and can be plugged into the HDMI port on any monitor or display. Best of all, they come with pre-installed operating system!

We recommend:

Seems a bit difficult?

We believe setting up your digital signage should be an easy and hassle free experience. This is why we offer our own pre-installed and pre-packaged “Plug & Play” iSignage sticks which will automatically load the in-browser player once you plug them in the HDMI port of your display.

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