Digital Signage for Hospitality

If you are in the hospitality industry, whether it is event planning, tourism, lodging, theme parks or transportation, chances are you are already familiar with some of the seamlessly organic ways digital signage integrates with your business needs, engaging customers and generating revenue.

A few of the million ways you can utilise screens and effective content management to work in favour of your hospitality business are:

Cost effectiveness

Your hotel staff no longer has to continually print out and physically deliver new rate cards, offer brochures, posters and promotional materials. Your digital screens can substitute traditional paper-based materials and present your offerings in an interactive, easily updatable format, saving staff time and printing costs.


The best quality of your digital displays is that they have various applications that can be customised to your business needs. Why not invest into digital kiosks that would serve as self-check in during busy hours? This would not only relieve the hotel front desk, but add value and impress customers who are looking to relax in their rooms as soon as possible.

Revenue generation

In business, we always try to find new ways to generate profit. Use digital signage to create an additional revenue stream by selling digital space to sponsors and advertisers to show their offerings in your hotel. Local services, bars, restaurants would love to have a platform where they can reach your guests and offer local promotions. Moreover, your guests would be delighted to explore options in the area they are visiting and enjoy the variety of choice offered to them.

Improved ongoing communication with guests

Main goal for every hotel is to have efficient communication with their potential customers and guests. Digital screens in your lobby, hallways and entrance offer a wonderful opportunity to inform and engage with your clients in an efficient and timely way. Presenting well-crafted relevant information and content on all your digital signage is a fireproof way to delight your customers and turn them into loyal clients.

Conference center

A lot of hotels nowadays are home to frequent conferences, business meetings and a variety of corporate events. Digital displays leading to and inside of your conference center provide the opportunity to navigate guests to their place of interest, inform them of the agenda and highlights of the happening, and even brand the message displayed on screens so it reflects the client’s business image. Add value to your conference/event venue proposition by digitising both your clients’ and guests’ experience.



Hotels and lodging services have been at the forefront of digital signage best practices for many years now. With the increased availability and affordability of both digital technology and content management software, going digital in the lobby, hallways, conference center, spa zone, restaurant areas and in-room is now a must-have, not a luxury.

Generate extra revenue, enhance your service offering and delight your guests, all through the power of effectively managed digital signage.

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