Digital Signage for Healthcare Institutions

Digital signage finds place in the healthcare industry by appearing more and more frequently in clinics, hospitals and other healthcare institutions. The reasons are simple – digital signage provides enhanced patient experience, builds brand awareness and reputation, educates on public health matters and improves internal staff communication and management.

Here are a few areas within healthcare venues that digital signs provide ROI:

Registration and check in

Having to go to a clinic or hospital is nobody’s first choice for past-time activity. Make a positive impression of your health center the minute patients walk in by providing them with the opportunity to self-register, check-in or book for an appointment at a digital kiosk. That saves them time from queuing, reduces embarrassment and relieves the effort expenditure of your reception desk.


Digital displays can play an important role as wayfinding instruments and directories, reducing confusing among both patients and staff as to where they have to go and how long they’d have to wait for an appointment or procedure. Display patient’s’ name on the doctor’s office expecting them, and navigate them to the x-ray room or clinical laboratory. Additionally, displays can show emergency exits and fire protocols.

Public health and education

By displaying relevant and valuable content, your clinic’s digital signage can spread awareness and aid in preventing disease by educating people on important health matters in a visually engaging way.

Waiting areas

Digital displays placed in your waiting areas can do miracles at enhancing patients’ experience in your clinic. From mostly dreaded places to spend time, they can turn into a pleasant environment to await your doctor’s’ availability. Display current news, recorded messages from doctors and hospital staff, and even entertainment material can keep patients interested while they wait. 

Engage children

A great idea for a pediatrics office is to include smaller digital kiosks or touch screen tables where kids can play games and solve puzzles instead of overwhelming parents.

Staff communication

In addition to enhancing patients’ experience, digital screens can help manage hospital staff more efficiently by easing internal communication, posting timely updates and information, calling doctors/nurses to the area they are needed, and announcing news, urgencies and safety messages. Update staff on upcoming trainings, change in policies, or new treatments. Go the extra mile and install interactive kiosks for skills testing and self-directed learning.



Although the healthcare sector may not be first to come to mind when we mention digital signage, in reality it greatly benefits from implementing digital signage solutions within its practice. Engage, inform and pleasantly surprise patients, educate them and make their waiting time pleasant all while consistently keeping in touch with staff and efficiently organising procedures and day-to-day operations.

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