Digital Signage for Gyms & Wellness

Have you ever wondered how much time your members actually look at the TVs you have in your gym? Statistics show 70% of health club members spend an average of 40 minutes per training session looking at digital displays (according to a Arbitron study). Think of the potential this information has to transform the way you use your screens.


Here are a few ideas on how you can turn the in-gym TVs into revenue-generating platforms that educate, entertain, and motivate members while also serving as an advertising platform to upsell your own products and services, and provide space to local businesses to reach out to your members.

Change the channel

Do you have History channel or NOW tv on all the time? Your members might be getting sick of watching Storage Wars, Ice Truckers or the newest Rihanna video every morning. Apart from putting TV channels up, you can have your digital screens display content of your choice, and it does not have to be static or boring – quite the contrary. Your can have dynamic pictorial and video content up on your screens, play presentations, display information in different layouts, integrate with social media, and broadcast news reports all at the same time, from the same place.

Motivate and educate

Gym-goers are interested in taking care of their body, working out and keeping their health and wellness up, and respond well to educational material about health and wellness. Play motivational videos, show before and after photos of members who achieved their fitness goals, present the correct form of popular exercises, display injury-prevention tips. Options are limitless, and such an approach will surely get your members’ attention and they will thank you for it, maybe even recommend your health establishment to their friends.

Promote health products

If you own a health club, you probably offer a range of protein bars and shakes, sports drinks, recovery formula, gym clothing and equipment, perhaps even foot and swimwear to your members which brings in extra revenue to your business. Instead of leaving brochures and magazines lying around, or relying on your instructors to promote those items, you can roll promotional content on your digital displays for everyone to see. Explain the benefits of each product, advertise current promotions and discounts – your members will be more aware of how these great products can enhance their progress and wellbeing and more likely to buy them.

Upsell services

Тhe same way you present all the health products you distribute, you can use your digital displays to upsell services you provide. New Pilates group starting on Tuesday? Put it on the board. Body Pump Saturday evening? It goes there too. Are you extending the working hours of the swimming pool, or announcing your new Steam Room? Yes, go digital with it. Organise fitness retreats, upsell personal training programs, even display your employee and member of the month awards. Motivate, inspire, educate your members and let them explore all that you have to offer.

Sell advertising space

Оne of the most tangible advantages of using digital signage instead of traditional printed media is that when you have a screen, you actually own a hundred-fold its area in actual advertising space. The flexibility you have in rotating content, dividing the screen in two, three or more portions displaying different content means you can easily afford to sell advertising space to local businesses. They will gladly pay you for the opportunity to reach out to your members and promote their services. A vegetarian restaurant, a healthy fresh juice bar, or an outdoor equipment store would be more than happy to target your in-gym digital signage audience.



There are a thousand and one reasons to invest in digital displays, and a million and one to consider turning them from TV-only to digital signage where you display rich and varied content. Not only will you delight your members with the variety you show, but those displays are an extra revenue-generating machines. Whether you use them to motivate members to use more services, promote health products, or sell advertising space to local businesses, using your digital screens intelligently will have them pay for themselves in no time.

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