Frequently Asked Questions

You now know how to get started with iSignage but have additional questions? Here we go a little more technical to cover all you need to know. If you cannot find your answer in our FAQ section, drop us a message and we’ll be happy to help!


Are you going to roll out new features?

Yes! We release the Beta version for free so we can test the product and gather valuable data from users as well as give them the chance to vote on new features. Does this sound interesting to you?

What customer support is available?

Whilst we are in Beta, customer support will be handled by our developers via email. For future paid plans we will have dedicated client support over the phone.

What is the maximum storage of media I can use?

For our Beta version the maximum cloud storage is 250 Mb. Maximum cloud storage in the future will vary depending on the pricing plan.

Can other people from my company use the same iSignage account?

Sure, you can add multiple users to your account by inviting them over email. What is even better – you can assign them different roles. Any media added by other users will count towards the organisation’s account (the first user who invited others to the workspace).

What can digital signage content management software do for my business?

The short answer is “a lot”! Check out the Use Cases section and if you don’t see your industry – shoot us an email on and we will be more than happy to explain the benefits for your particular case.

Is it possible to edit my photos?

Currently not, but this is our #1 requested feature! We will be working on the photo editor and will likely release it with our paid plans at a later stage


What hardware do I need?

Depending on the setting, you need a display with the ability to connect to a browser. We explain a lot about hardware in How It Works  section so make sure you check it out.

How does iSignage work?

We have a whole section dedicated to your question –¬†How it works

How do I connect my screen (station) to iSignage?

Once registered with iSignage, go to the Station section from the navigation bar on the left. Click on “Authorise a station”, where a 4-digit PIN code would be requested.

Open the following URL in a browser via the screen you would like to connect:

Enter the 4-digit PIN code that is displayed on the screen in the “Authorise a station” dialog box and wait for a confirmation of successful authorisation.

What media file formats are supported?

Currently you can upload the most popular image and video formats including .png, .jpg, .mp4, .avi, .mov to name a few

What is a playlist?

The playlist in iSignage is what is going to be looping on the connected screen. Once registered and logged in you will be able to manage your own Media library uploading your favourite images and videos and using them to create playlists.

You are able to customise order and duration of the image slideshow, as well as creating a custom layout running image and video at the same time!

What is a station?

A station is any display connected to iSignage.

We call them stations because apart from monitor displays, you can use iSignage on video walls and tablet alike.

How many stations can I have?

Whilst we are in Beta version, you can have up to 2 stations as part of our free trial.

Once we end the test period for iSignage there will a Premium plan allowing you to connect unlimited stations.

Got more questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section!