Digital Signage in Education

The use of digital displays has established its place as an efficient and cost effective way to improve and streamline information transfer and communication in educational institutions. Here are a few reasons why installing screens and using an effective content management system will provide numerous benefits to your everyday operations and their organisation.

Cost effectiveness

Imagine never having to go through the process of designing, editing, print previewing, printing, delivering and physically putting up of announcements, notices, directions around campus. Using digital screens means you can manage what is displayed on them while sipping coffee in your office and they will update instantly. Using iSignage, you can create and schedule playlists that rotate messages and announcements on one, more or all digital displays.

Improved communication with staff and students

Publish news, reminders, alerts or announcements in real time that everybody has instant access to. Inform your student and staff body immediately on any urgent campaigns or happenings.

Area-specific content management

You can simultaneously manage accommodation – related messages displayed in halls of residence, publish cafeteria lunch menus and specials, and run information campaigns on main campus screens all through our specialised digital signage content management software. Add multiple users who can manipulate content they are responsible for and track their activities real time from your iSignage dashboard.


Post directions and navigate students, staff and visitors to places of interest from your digital screens. Post weather and safety alerts and use your digital signage as event and people directories.


The applications of digital displays in any sector, and specifically education are practically limitless. Whatever the needs of your school, university or college are, timely and effective digital content management would meet them all. iSignage is a straightforward and easy way to upload, plan and schedule what is displayed on every of your digital screen stations instantly, saving you time, money and effort.

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