Digital Signage for Banking Transformations

iSignage helps banks control a few displays or a large network of displays centrally, with an easy-to-use platform, and is cost effective, can reduce wait times, help customer flow, and transform a bank, credit union, mobile bank, or financial institution. 

Here are just a few ways digitalization can transform your bank:

Reduce wait time and positively impact ROI with queue management systems

Allow customers to easily check-in and navigate services with their mobile banking or in-store with tablets and kiosks.  From there, a printed ticket (with option to customize branding) will print out with the customer’s queue number, and displays in the waiting areas can let the customer know once their ticket is called and which area to go to.

Gain valuable data through surveys and analytics

Gain valuable insights into customer by integrating surveys and analytics into the digital signage solution for your bank. It will help you understand when peek-banking times happen, gather feedback as it relates to customer satisfaction, and help you allocate your staff and resources accordingly.

Transform business banking lounges, launch digital mini branches, mobile banking pods and more!

Digital displays and lighting technology to compliment the bank’s interior theme can be immensely appealing in lounges for business guests and waiting areas.  It can also display products and offers geared towards your audience, or you can take it to another completely different level with mobile banking pods for high-traffic areas, such as malls.



Whether you are transforming a banking branch, flagship store, or many branches, iSignage CMS has a solution to meet you needs!  Our platform is scalable, customizable, and digital content is proven in number market studies its positive affect on consumer memorability and sales. Customize your content to enhance your customer’s banking experience, make it easier for them to learn about bank promotions and services in an engaging way, and book appointments.

A good digital signage and content management software can go a long way in enhancing the banking experience.

Ready to reap the benefits of bank digitalization?

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