Digital Signage for Automotive

Creating the right ambience and content for your audience for your car showroom or flagship store can be tricky.  Fortunately, the multiple layouts, content types, and widget integration possibilities with iSignage make it easier for you to bring your grande vision to life! Show off a video of a new car’s interior, engine, and features while a stunt driver races it on a scenic race track.  Perhaps the passengers drive to a luxury destination or apartment. 

Here is how content can immerse you in a digital automotive experience:

Enhance showrooms and highlight vehicle facts

Add a sleek digital display to compliment your showroom’s interior, an effective way to engage your audience and increase memory about car features.

Business Hand select New Car from Sale Representative using for New Property Investment Concept
Make it easy for users to search for and customize the car of their dreams

One of the most important capabilities of having digital displays positioned in your office building is that it leads to significantly higher employee engagement, morale and participation in company-led activities. The visually stimulating messages end email clutter and ensure everybody sees them in a timely manner so employees feel involved and informed. The management may choose to display “employee of the month” awards, other recognition as well as motivational and entertaining content towards the end of the work day to keep employees positive and happy.

Turn displays into digital car dealers

Digital displays can also immensely aid in new staff training – be it regularly posting reminders about upcoming training sessions, or visually reiterating short-term and long-term goals on the digital boards so newly joined stay focused and on track.

Integration with social platforms or the internal communicator system can allow employees to ask clarifying questions and get answers on the digital screens for everyone else to see. This could be an invaluable resource to confused trainees.

Car dealer presenting vehicle performance in showroom store
Transform lounges and car-financing centers

Every part of your showroom that is visible to your target audience is a reflection on your store and the quality of sales, support, a product you offer.  Make sure to give car buyers the right impression with upscale, digital finance and help centers.


Any organisation that manages over 20 employees, especially when their office premises stretch over several floors, would benefit dramatically from utilising digital signage to optimise internal communications. Apart from the direct advantages of an efficient responsive real-time platform for sharing important information, updates and notices, the indirect effect of increased employee engagement, morale and satisfaction is worth the initial investment.

A good digital signage and content management software can go a long way in enhancing your internal operations.

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