Digital Signage Trends for 2016 – Content

Digital signage has grown in popularity as an advertising and marketing tool across a number of industries (retail, fast food, restaurants and hospitality, events, education, banking and more) for a good reason. The numerous benefits of having LED, LCD monitors or projected electronic displays far outweigh the advantages of traditional print advertising.


The customer engagement and attention grabbing qualities of digital signage along with its cost effectiveness, web connectivity and easy updatability make it the perfect advertising medium for influencing customers’ purchase decisions, showcasing work and services and creating brand and product awareness.


If you already have digital displays as part of your business-marketing arsenal, you are on the right track. (If you don’t, we can help). However, with your competitors going digital too, just having the digital monitors nowadays is far from enough unless you have fantastic content to display. Which gets us to introduce the Hottest Trends in Digital Signage Content for 2016.


Out with the dull and boring, in with the dynamic and exciting. In this post we focus on content.

  1. Motion Graphics


Even the highest quality displays can get boring if their content is static and unchanging. People respond well to colours, variety and motion. Motion graphics is how we refer to digital footage that utilises movement, rotation and animation to create a visually engaging illusion for motion.


Using motion graphics instead of static imagery can add a very powerful attention-grabbing element to your digital signage content and engage customers better. Invest in motion graphics tailored to your brand today, the old slideshow presentations no longer cut it.


  1. Generative Art


Generative art refers to the mind-boggling concept of art created by an autonomous system. That means computer algorithms now exist that create incredibly beautiful artistic images or videos partially or completely independent of artist’s direction. An emerging technique elegantly blends the “dry” side of programming and computer graphics with artistic expression. Check out what generative art looks like (


Why should you care? Consider using computer-generated graphics for your digital signage displays as a way to create unique content and delight your customers. Content is key.


  1. Dynamic Data


A psychological curiosity about the human kind is that people get bored easily.  Ever more now, in the Information Era, when humans get a raging hunger for fresh data. We just can’t get enough of it. What that means for your digital signage content strategy is that you need to be putting up new content regularly to engage customers.


Do not make the mistake of underestimating the power of frequently updated content – freshen up what you display regularly and you will reap benefits in terms of customer engagement and loyalty.


Updating digital content may seem like an intimidatingly time-consuming task but in the digital age, specialist (and cheap) digital signage software solutions exist to let you manage, schedule and plan content that runs on your screens that require as little time and effort invested as possible.


Moreover, a simple API integration will help you pull and display dynamically generated data from a variety of sources, such as live counters of your social media subscribers, how many hits your website had since the beginning of the day, twitter feeds, news and weather reports and much more.


Use dynamic data to your advantage smartly and increase the ROI of your digital signage investment.


  1. IoT & Sensor Data


With Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine solutions trending as a topic of interest, together with the decreasing cost of sensor technology, there is no better time than now to use this to your marketing advantage.


Sensors are devices that insert in a variety of environments and measure a number of conditions, gather data and proceed to notify of change in those conditions. This means their application are limitless – they can track anything from temperature, pH, traffic, amount of available light and feed it back to you, optimising processes and transforming business.


For example, restaurants now can have sensor-enabled automated food temperature monitoring enabling them to reduce food wastage. Up-to-date traffic information and vehicle monitoring can alert drivers saving them time and fuel. Vending machines can alert when they’re empty so ordering is automated and the list of examples goes on.


What’s more, sensors produce data that can be filtered, formatted and displayed in an interactive way. Your digital signage content can make significant use of that.


Imagine your video wall displaying live data about temperature, number of people inside your branch or approximate waiting time. Or maybe you are into logistics and want to show a live map tracking your packages as travel around the world. Nowadays with IoT and sensor technology, everything is possible and the only limit is your creative imagination.


  1. Social Media Feeds


Let’s face it – whether we like it or not, social media has penetrated our personal and professional so deeply, there is no going back. This trend is here to stay, so make sure you board the train and make the most out of what social platforms have to offer.


Chances are, you are already using Twitter and Facebook to enhance your digital marketing presence and interact and communicate two-ways with your current and potential customers. You can leverage this further by displaying live Facebook posts and Tweets from your company social media accounts directly to your in-branch digital signage. This is not only engaging but also informative to onlookers.

Plus, it is likely that people are going to pull their phone out of their pocket and tweet at you just to see how long it takes for their post to appear on the signage. This can contribute to your social media popularity, as well as satisfy customers.




Did you find this article useful? Stay tuned for Hottest Trends for Digital Signage in 2016 part II where we will focus on software and hardware solutions you can utilise to enhance your digital signage content even further.


Realised you want better content for your displays? We can help. 2point0 Concepts specialises in digital signage installations, as well as content creation and management. Our designers will be happy to create some stunning visuals for your business. Contact us now.


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